WaterSignal Detects Catastrophic Leak; Saves Property Thousands

water leak

On May 27th, 2015, WaterSignal installed a device to monitor the main domestic water meter on a 576 unit multifamily property in Miami, Florida. Starting at 3:00 pm on August 10th, WaterSignal detected that water usage had exceeded the 7,500 gallon hourly alert level; immediately alerting the building engineer and operations manager. Analysis: Through WaterSignal’s […]

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Monitoring Your Water Resources Beyond Irrigation

leaky faucet

In early April, California‚Äôs governor took unprecedented action, requiring Californians to reduce potable urban water use by 25¬†percent. While the mandate may seem harsh to some, it actually provides an opportunity for building managers and HOA boards to implement an effective long-term water conservation program. Getting Started Creating a plan to curb water use and […]

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