WaterSignal Detects Slab Leak; Decreases Water Usage By 50%


On July 28th, 2015, WaterSignal installed a device to monitor the main domestic water meter on a 160 unit multifamily property in Jacksonville, FL. Following installation, WaterSignal noticed the property’s water usage was well over the benchmark of 125 gals/unit/day. Due to the high usage, WaterSignal recommended the property perform a building-by-building shut down to […]

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3 Water Saving Tips for a Green October

fall water conservation tips

Tip #1: Irrigation Schedule Changes As autumn rolls in cooler temperatures and shorter days, your outdoor irrigation schedule will need a little tweaking. The ideal autumn irrigation schedule… utilizes a rain shut off device to reduce unnecessary watering irrigates 3 days a week,10-15 minute intervals only runs at night (starting at 3-4AM) to minimize evaporation […]

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