Methods and Technologies for Curbing Outdoor Water Waste

irrigation efficiency

More than two trillion gallons of water are lost every year, and a significant portion of this loss comes from undetected leaks caused by irrigation systems. Common signs of an undiscovered leak include a surprising increase in water usage – even though water use routines haven’t changed – and a proportionate increase in water costs. […]

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WaterSignal introduces the Generation 7 device; becomes LTE (Cat 1)-capable; simplifies consumer installation

water monitoring technology

Smaller and more compatible than its predecessors, the Generation 7 device is the most effective and versatile water monitoring device on the market. New features include: • Smaller NEMA Box enclosure. Cutting the size and weight of the device in half • Reduced battery pack size without diminishing battery life • Simplified pulse wiring for […]

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Summer Water Saving Tips to Help Beat the Heat

spring water saving tips

It’s almost summertime, which means temperatures and as a result, outdoor water use are on the rise. While it’s important to be water conscious throughout the year, the spring and summer require increased attention to irrigation schedules and outdoor water use. Experts estimate that 50 percent of the water we use outdoors goes to waste […]

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