The Benefits of a Smart Water Flow Monitoring System

water flow monitoring

Water, a natural resource that was once seen as unlimited, is now facing an uncertain future. In an effort to compensate for the diminishing supply, policy makers around the country have turned to increased rate structures, and, in some cases, have even enacted new policies focused on conservation. While the resulting monetary effects may seem […]

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New WaterSignal Features Coming Soon

watersignal new features

We’re excited to announce the addition of new WaterSignal features! We listened to your feedback and recommendations. Many of you asked for advanced features to help make analyzing your data even easier. We provided that and much more. We are pleased to introduce several new features to save you time and money, improve your productivity […]

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Eco-Friendly Water Use Outside the Home

eco-friendly water

It is easy to take water for granted when you can turn on a tap for an instant supply; in fact, the average American uses around 100 gallons of water per day.¬†While less than half of that is used for drinking or cooking, nearly all of it is potable water from the local water provider. […]

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