Texas school district saves over 7 million gallons of water in less than three months with WaterSignal

smart water management

Schools use a tremendous amount of water everyday; and between the heating and cooling systems, restrooms and water fountains, cafeteria, laboratories, and outdoor playing fields, it can become difficult for school administrators to keep up. So while the kids were out having fun in the sun this past summer, building operators at an Austin, Texas […]

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The Quest for Water Conservation

water tracking device

Over the past 20 years, private businesses in the U.S. have joined forces with federal and local government to improve the efficiency of water systems, spending billions on infrastructure to reduce waste and save money. Despite their efforts, more than 2 trillion gal of water are still lost every year, according to the American Water […]

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WaterSignal Detects Slab Leak; Decreases Water Usage By 50%


On July 28th, 2015, WaterSignal installed a device to monitor the main domestic water meter on a 160 unit multifamily property in Jacksonville, FL. Following installation, WaterSignal noticed the property’s water usage was well over the benchmark of 125 gals/unit/day. Due to the high usage, WaterSignal recommended the property perform a building-by-building shut down to […]

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WaterSignal Detects Catastrophic Leak; Saves Property Thousands

water leak

On May 27th, 2015, WaterSignal installed a device to monitor the main domestic water meter on a 576 unit multifamily property in Miami, Florida. Starting at 3:00 pm on August 10th, WaterSignal detected that water usage had exceeded the 7,500 gallon hourly alert level; immediately alerting the building engineer and operations manager. Analysis: Through WaterSignal’s […]

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