How It Works

Portfolio managers can now login with any internet accessible device and see a centralized dashboard of current water consumption across all communities. With WaterSignal's unique hourly and daily alert levels, managers will not be surprised by enormous water bills. The importance of real time water monitoring is even more critical in areas where utility meters are often estimated, or only read every 3 months.


Install the WaterSignal technology at the source of measurement: The Water Meter.


WaterSignal manually calibrates the device to ensure accuracy.


Data from the water meter is collected continuously in real-time.


Collected meter data is uploaded to a secure data center. All meter data is available 24/7 and is accessible through any internet connected device.


If a catastrophic leak occurs, the WaterSignal system will alert you via email and SMS text message indicating which water line ruptured as well as how much water was lost.

Timely Delivery of Critical Information

You may think the water is off, but how’s your equipment doing? Our software can alert you to a potentially costly leakage.

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