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A recent 13 month analysis of 28 multifamily properties showed WaterSignal provides 14% water savings.

First year savings per property per month averaged $3062.

Works without power or WiFi

WaterSignal is a stand alone water monitoring and leak detection system utilizing a Verizon Wireless certified CDMA modem to communicate data from the meter location to a secure data center.

WaterSignal also has power in the vault from built-in 7V lithium batteries, so there's no need for an alternate power source.

Based on WaterSignal data analytics, a pre-existing leak was identified and repaired saving over $5,000 per month

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The system is working so well. We love it! WaterSignal has brought us a reduction of over 10%; easily trackable with real time data. Additionally, we have started a campaign to remind residents to save water via fliers and word of mouth. Your product is great and your support is the best!

Bruce Nicklin

St. Augustine Place

We began utilizing WaterSignal to monitor water consumption for our Commercial office. Six days and two alerts later, in our eyes the benefit outweighed the cost. The two alerts would have gone unnoticed until the next bill arrived. The cost of peace of mind — priceless.

Brad McCahill

Former Operations Manager Southeast Region Columbia Property Trust

WaterSignal is important to us because of our sense of stewardship and our commitment to caring for our water resources. WaterSignal has really helped us as a tool in that area. It has acted as an additional layer of insurance and helped keep us in the loop if there are any problems.

Todd Mitchell

Director of Property Management, Columbia Property Trust

Since the first beta test was so successful and because it was a great return on our investment, we implemented this in serveral other markets including Chicago, Houston and Baltimore. It was a bit of a no-brainer -- when you find something that works, that's simple, functions and does what it is supposed to do, you expand the application. And that's what we did.

Patrick Freeman

Formerly Vice President, Columbia Property Trust

The data we receive from WaterSignal is powerful and has allowed us to be proactive - identifying underground leaks and inefficient fixtures - generating significant savings with our water costs

Curt Mann

Formerly Director of Energy and Sustainability, Cortland Partners

Since we have installed WaterSignal, we have benefited from it several times. It has helped us to identify faulty pressure regulating valves, alerted us to leaks, and has helped us monitor periods of increased traffic through our building. We have been able to use this data to backup and explain increases in our water bills.

Max Binns & Andre Kearns

Facilities Department, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

For months, it has been my dream to one day have a way to monitor our water usage due to our history of high water bills. With the help of WaterSignal's simple, yet effective, device, I am able to see exactly where the high water consumption is on our property. Thank you for helping me make my apartment business more productive.

Raj Guntnur

Property Owner, Managed by Migneault Properties

Recent Projects:

Brickell Avenue

Miami, FL

12th Street Apartments

Atlanta, GA

Bala Woods

Houston, TX

Protect your home with residential water monitoring

A study done by the EPA shows that the average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year.

Don't wait until you're swimming in property damage costs to install water monitoring on your home.