New WaterSignal Features Coming Soon

new watersignal featuresWe’re excited to announce the addition of new WaterSignal features!

We listened to your feedback and recommendations. Many of you asked for advanced features to help make analyzing your data even easier. We provided that and much more.

We are pleased to introduce several new features to save you time and money, improve your productivity and enhance your WaterSignal experience.

Key features include:

Revamped Dashboard

– Improved portfolio dashboard to better evaluate usage and cost between properties.

– Easier to determine properties with high water usage

– More visible and user-friendly analytics

new watersignal features
Multifamily Dashboard

New Comparison Graphs

– New graph comparison features offer a deeper analysis of water usage

– Review multiple meters on one graph at the same time

– Compare several years together on one graph

new watersignal features

4G LTE Upgrade

new watersignal features– With the sunset of 2G networks, we are upgrading our network to the latest and greatest network technology, 4G LTE.

– This upgraded technology will improve the wireless communication of our WaterSignal devices and ensure optimum device efficiency.

And that’s just the beginning!

These powerful new WaterSignal features and more will be released on or before January 2019.