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Advancing Property
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Water Usage
Data Analysis

Use the Power of Real-Time
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Real-Time Alerts

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• Analysis
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Cooling Tower

Receive Evaporative Sewer Credits

A Stuck Toilet Flapper
Can Waste as Much as

600 Gallons
Per Hour

What is WaterSignal?

WaterSignal is a non-invasive technology that provides real time monitoring and management of water usage to save buildings thousands of dollars in wasted water and potential infrastructure damage. By continuously measuring domestic, irrigation, and cooling tower water meters, we can eliminate uncontrolled water loss by alerting building engineers immediately that there is excessive or abnormal water use.

This is particularly important after hours and on weekends when no one is there.

“The data we receive from WaterSignal is powerful and has allowed us to be proactive - identifying underground leaks and inefficient fixtures - generating significant savings with our water costs.”

Paula MartinezBuilding Supervisor

We Serve a Wide Variety of Commercial Markets

Commercial & Industrial

Monitoring the domestic water usage, irrigation, fountains, and the major water user, the cooling tower has been an extreme benefit.


The WaterSignal service has a customized dashboard to see a snapshot of each community and then breakdown the water usage down to the hour.


By monitoring the domestic water usage for school districts, we have been able to prove ourselves year over year by proactively providing water data and leak alerts.


The hospitality industry is utilizing the service in across the nation in the approach of obtaining evaporation credits for cooling towers, managing the overall usage of the property, and monitoring for pool leaks.

Assisted Living

The real time breakdown of water consumption quickly shows trends of when water is being utilized and more importantly when water is not being utilized.

Medical & Healthcare

The WaterSignal service has been extremely effective in the medical industry in a various facets.

Our company mission is to increase productivity and savings by elevating the standards of water conservation and management.

  • Alerting property maintenance and management immediately to any catastrophic or uncontrolled water loss.
  • Utilizing data and benchmarks to identify and confirm pre-existing leaks.
  • Confirming proper irrigation schedules (days and times), alerting immediately to leaks or excessive usage, faulty rain sensors, broken heads, etc.
  • Notifications regarding increases in daily water usage are sent before the bill arrives in order to address and fix the problem immediately.
  • Verifying the ROI for any water conservation measures implemented.


Recovered Through Evaporation Credits


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Use the Power of Real Time Data to Save Today