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When a leak occurs, WaterSignal instantly sends you an alert.

By continuously measuring domestic, irrigation, and cooling tower water meters, we can eliminate uncontrolled water loss by alerting building engineers immediately that there is excessive or abnormal water use.

What is WaterSignal?

We provide accurate and detailed data and analysis about how much water is being used, every hour of the day. This data allows steps to be taken to both increase water efficiency and confirm the effective outcome of any new water conservation measures implemented, such as replacing outdated fixtures, adjusting irrigation schedules, or tweaking cooling tower levels.

WaterSignal’s Benefits Include:

  • Alerting property maintenance and management immediately to any catastrophic or uncontrolled water loss.
  • Utilizing data and benchmarks to identify and confirm pre-existing leaks.
  • Confirming proper irrigation schedules (days and times), alerting immediately to leaks or excessive usage, faulty rain sensors, broken heads, etc.
  • Notifications regarding increases in daily water usage are sent before the bill arrives in order to address and fix the problem immediately.
  • Verifying the ROI for any water conservation measures implemented.

Meet The Team

WaterSignal is a recognized innovator in water conservation. Leveraging over two decades of engineering expertise, WaterSignal monitors domestic meters, irrigation systems and cooling towers for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools and colleges nationwide.

“Through the use of WaterSignal’s real-time data and analytics, management was able to pick up on a pre-existing urinal flush valve malfunction. Up until its repair, the valve was wasting over 100,000 gallons/month.”

Josh MargolisPerez Elementary School
Executive Vice President

Aaron Beasley

Aaron joined the company in November of 2015 as a National Sales Executive and quickly advanced to the role of Executive Vice President . Boasting over 15 years of sales management experience, Aaron heads up the WaterSignal sales department, and plays an active role in business development. Aaron attended The Citadel on a baseball scholarship, and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Columbus State University.

VP of Operations

Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer has a background in environmental conservation, customer service and management. With her nearly 15 years of operations management experience and expertise in water technology, Jennifer analyzes and communicates water usage trends and anomalies, while supervising the deployment of WaterSignal systems. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia.
Quality Assurance Manager

Justin Roy

Justin joined the company in 2011 after serving as a RADAR technician in the U.S. Navy for 6 years. As operator of the WaterSignal testing facility, Justin ensures device quality and communication efficiency while assisting with research and development for special projects. He has a background in communication technologies and equipment maintenance.
Technical Service Manager

Jordan Bloom

Jordan is responsible for the installation and maintenance of WaterSignal devices throughout the United States. Jordan has a background in maintenance management and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Auburn University.

WaterSignal is Proud Members of the Following Organizations

Core Values – F.I.R.S.T.


To hold our position for the most economical products we keep costs low and work efficiently.


We keep our promises to clients and to each other. Honesty. Commitment to our jobs.

Rugged Durability

Our products are “Built to Last”. Reliable and easy to use.


Our companies are known and praised for excellent service.

Technical Innovation

We hold 3 US patents. We focus on our client’s needs, then invent, test and implement solutions.

The Smart Water Management Solution

When engaged, our highly trained operations team will work with you every step of the way to help you make the most of your WaterSignal system.

As a green technology company focused on water conservation, we provide real time water monitoring, as well as a number of additional conservation services.

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