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WaterSignal is a Recognized Innovator in Water Conservation

LEED Certification

LEED criteria requires that building owners compile monthly and annual summaries of water efficiency results. Monitoring your water usage in real time will help establish a baseline and then verify the reduction in water at a facility. Typically, these will include Fountains, Chillers, Boilers, Make-Up and Blowdown lines for cooling towers. It is important to have a plan in place if the building changes to a new water treatment vendor or the building changes owners or management. Lastly, the recertification of water meters must be done every 5 years.

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Facility Benchmarking

As water scarcity increases throughout the world, benchmarking and evaluation of baseline water will become a priority. To do this effectively, you will need to gather readily available information - 12 to 24 months of water bills, determine major uses of water within the facility (Domestic, Cooling Tower, Irriga­tion, Fountains, etc.), calculate the facility's total annual water usage for both metered and unmetered water sources, and estimate the facility's water and sewer cost.

Once a baseline has been established, you can then benchmark your property with other properties with­in your portfolio and partner with other buildings in your area to compare baseline results and benchmark against other buildings in your region. Real-time monitoring of your water meters will assist you to detect leaks as they happen and maintain a facility's set baseline. A system dashboard will allow you to bench­mark your facility with similar facility's to verify water efficiency.

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EPA WaterSense at Work

EPA Best Practices states "Building owners and operators should consider installing a water meter data management system with remote communication capabilities that provides instant feedback on all me­tered water use in a central location." Real time monitoring with a smart water conservation solution is critical to the success of the facility's water management program because they provide the ability to track and measure progress.

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Did You Know?

Facility Irrigation

usage accounts for up to 30%

of a facility’s total water use.

Water is lost due to improper irrigation design, improper installation of the system or lack of maintenance on the system. Using EPA Best Practices and separately metering irrigation systems can reduce wastewa­ter costs and can help identify leaks quickly.

Detect leaks in your irrigation system as they occur in real time. Once repairs have been completed, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that no additional work is needed. Analyzing your irrigation usage will allow you to determine water loss during system dormancy.

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Other Benefits Include:


Leak Detection

System alerts are sent out in real time as leaks occur.

Water Usage Data

Electronically store data from meters reporting hourly, daily, monthly and annual water usage.

Fully Automatic

Eliminate the need to manually read the facilities water meters.

Monitor Your Gains

Compare facility water usage during peak and non-peak hours.

Big Picture Data

Estimate monthly and yearly domestic water costs.

Seasonal Trends

Breakdown and analyze water consumption to detect seasonal trends.

Track Savings

Track water project savings within the building

Works with Automation & Management Systems

Tie-in with Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systems

Detect Anomalies

Quickly detect anomalies in water usage.

Sanitary Sewer Credits

Receive a sanitary sewer credit based on data related to evaporation, drift and blowdown.

LEED Recertification

Customized reports demonstrating water reduction.

Improve Water Efficiency

Actionable data for each water meter to improve water efficiency.

Cooling Tower Benefits:

  • Determine water lost to evaporation and drift
  • Receive a sanitary sewer credit based on data related to evaporation, drift and blowdown
  • Quickly and easily determine if your cycles of concentration are maximized
  • Determine the ROI of facility retrofits
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