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Serving the community for over 125 years, The Salvation Army International Corps has long been an invaluable resource to those in need throughout Metro Atlanta. Focusing their efforts on homelessness services, youth enrichment, and anti-trafficking, The Salvation Army International Corps offers comprehensive and effective assistance programs that often rely on functional building systems, specifically plumbing.


Seeking a way to better manage campus water systems and ensure consistency for both the community and its volunteers, managers at The Salvation Army International Corps reached out to WaterSignal, a local water technology company for assistance.

Just over a month following the installation of WaterSignal, Director of Management Services, Chris Durand, and his team were alerted via text message and email to rapidly rising usage on the main domestic water meter.

“It was a great catch!” noted Durand. “Without WaterSignal’s alerts and graphs, I’m not sure we’d have reacted this quickly.”

Upon further inspection, two steady faucet leaks were discovered and quickly repaired, saving over 2,000 gallons of water per day.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” said Christina Faine, Director of Development. “In addition to conserving water, this find is a wonderful affirmation that helps The Salvation Army save money and serve more people in need.”

With WaterSignal, “doing the most good” for our most precious natural resource has never been so easy. To learn more, contact us today.