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Schools use a tremendous amount of water everyday; and between the heating and cooling systems, restrooms and water fountains, cafeteria, laboratories, and outdoor playing fields, it can become difficult for school administrators to keep up. So while the kids were out having fun in the sun this past summer, building operators at an Austin, Texas school district chose to implement WaterSignal, a smart water management solution to detect leaks and conserve water throughout their schools.

Following the installation of WaterSignal’s non-invasive device on schools throughout Austin, building operators saw proven savings in a matter of days, picking up on numerous pre-existing and catastrophic leaks.

Within the first three months of installation, WaterSignal had already detected 10 leaks and malfunctions, saving the school district nearly $50,000 on water.

Although the reasons for water loss within each school varied, the most common issue within these schools was malfunctioning toilet and urinal flush valves. Without a smart water management system in place, school budgets across the country are silently being drained by simple yet costly plumbing issues.

Don’t wait until your school is swimming in water and property damage costs to implement a smart water management system. Contact us today!