Aaron Beasley Promoted to Executive Vice President of WaterSignal

aaron beasley

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Aaron Beasley to Executive Vice President. His primary responsibilities will be to oversee Sales and Marketing, Operations and Production, and consult on R & D. He will lead the team to rapidly grow WaterSignal in its mission to conserve water. “Aaron has played an integral role in our growth […]

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WaterSignal to Link-up with Schools, Government Agencies and More Through New Partnerships


WaterSignal, a green technology company focused on water conservation is pleased to announce strategic partnerships with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) and The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS). As a proud partner of NCPA and TIPS, WaterSignal is permitted to provide water metering, smart monitoring and related services to a wide range of entities including […]

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8 Ways to Conserve Water This Holiday Season

holiday water saving tips

The holiday season is upon us, which to us at WaterSignal means even more ways to conserve water! As you gear up for the holidays, save water and money with these 8 water conscious tips: 1.) Use recycled paper products Products made from 100 percent recycled paper require much less water in their manufacturing than […]

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Frozen Pipes: Thawing and Prevention Tips

frozen pipes

As temperatures begin to drop in parts of the country, it’s important to be aware of the cold weather’s impact on your building’s water pipes. Frozen pipes commonly occur in places exposed to the elements such as outdoor hose bibs, and water supply lines in unheated interior areas like basements, crawlspaces, and even kitchen cabinets. As […]

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Winterization Tips for Multifamily Properties

winterization tips

Is your multifamily property ready for winter? Proper winterization is key to keeping your community in good shape and ensuring resident satisfaction. Here are seven winterization tips to help your multifamily property this winter: Prepare for winter storms early Don’t wait until a bitter storm hits. Take time to create or review your property’s emergency […]

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Smart and simple irrigation upgrades that save water and money

smart irrigation

Held throughout July of each year, Smart Irrigation Month works to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services. To celebrate water innovation and our most precious natural resource, we’ve compiled a few smart and simple irrigation upgrades that will save you water and money: Install moisture sensors Due […]

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WaterSignal’s COVID-19 Response

building water monitoring

During this challenging time, the health and safety of our partners, customers and employees is our primary concern. In addition to following all official government guidance, we are also: – Restricting company travel to essential business activities – Reducing face-to-face meetings in favor of virtual meetings – Enabling telecommuting when possible – Encouraging our employees […]

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How to Increase Water Efficiency in Multifamily Housing

multifamily housing

Multifamily housing communities waste thousands of gallons of water per month, primarily due to the large amount of fixtures on the property and inefficient water practices. This raises the question, how do you manage your water on such a large scale? Here are some possible solutions to increase water efficiency in your multifamily housing community: […]

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WaterSignal detects two large leaks for Texas manufactured-home community

manufactured housing

Manufactured housing communities offer a unique multi-housing experience, allowing residents to enjoy the privacy of a single family home while retaining flexibility and mobility. Much like single family homes, each manufactured-home has its own water connection, which can be difficult to manage without the help of a smart water monitoring system. To better manage over […]

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5 Water-saving Tips for Apartment Managers

water-saving tips

Water may be everywhere, but with the growing consumption rates, there may not be much of the resource left in the near future. Freshwater being a precious resource, it is important to focus our collective attention on water-saving strategies. While estimates do vary, in the U.S. the average person uses about 80-100 gallons of water […]

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