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The Smart Water Management Solution

Real Time Water Monitoring

WaterSignal non-invasively collects water usage data directly from the water meter through an intelligent sensor collecting pulses from the water meter itself. The Watersignal monitor is collecting this data in real-time and transmitting this information to a live dashboard. It transmits that data to through cellular technology making the service reliable as it is communicating at the highest speeds. You are able to view this data by month, day, or even down to the hour, in an easy-to-use graph format. You can access the data on the live dashboard 24/7 and see your water consumption at the click of a button, essentially having a picture of your water bill whenever you want!

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Water Management

WaterSignal provides easy to read graphs that break down your usage in monthly, daily, and even hourly viewpoints. With this data, you are able to benchmark “normal” usage patterns to set trends. Knowing the trends for your property will help identify over usage to better manage the property’s water consumption and save. Knowing the patterns of your property’s water usage in real time can have a dramatic impact on making decisions proactively to mitigate long term leaks, underlying water loss, and pesky toilet leaks that go unnoticed. The WaterSignal service allows you to have access to years of national water data and benchmarking to help in the process of getting your property on the right path to save thousands of gallons of water.

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Leak Detection

WaterSignal has a state-of-the-art leak detection system. Our service provides an all-encompassing look at your water usage in real time with the ability to set parameters around “normal” usage. When you water consumption exceeds “normal” usage, WaterSignal triggers a real-time alert via email or text to notify the onsite team that there is an issue. The service provides different approaches to alert notifications. Your alert settings are not a one size fits all approach and are customized to each property based off the needs of that property. The WaterSignal leak detection is moving water management away from risk management to a 21st Century approach by notifying you in real-time!

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Cooling Towers

There are over 2 million cooling towers in the United States today! These towers utilize millions of gallons a year to help cool buildings all over the country. With the WaterSignal technology, we are able to monitor the make-up meter and the blow down meter of the cooling tower and provide an inside look at the efficiencies of the cooling tower. This remote monitoring capability takes away from the tedious day-day operations of the on-site team by eliminating the manual process of reading these meters. By monitoring the cooling towers, you are able to proactively monitor for leaks, mitigate water loss and water damage, and justify evaporations credits with the local municipality. WaterSignal provides a customized dashboard specifically designed for cooling towers to see the comparisons of the make up water that goes through the cooling towers process and the water (blow down) that goes back to the sewer.

The average evaporation credit is $14,000 annually per cooling tower!

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Water Saving Tips

WaterSignal has over 10 years experience in the water industry. However, our team has over 40 years experience in building, construction and maintenance. With this knowledge, we have accumulated techniques that have been effective in finding leaks big and small. Each season brings new challenges. WaterSignal provides great water savings tips for each of these seasons to help catch the low hanging fruit on your properties!

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