Undetected Leaks and Bad Irrigation: How To Pinpoint the Problems To Increase Efficiency

water leak

Over the past 20 years, private businesses have joined forces with US and local government to improve the efficiency of water systems: spending billions on infrastructure to reduce waste and save money. Despite¬†their efforts, more than 2 trillion gallons of water are still lost every year according to the American Water Works Association (AWWA). So, […]

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WaterSignal Offers Water Conservation Solution To California’s Universities and Commercial Properties In Wake Of Water Restrictions

One WaterSignal System Helps Reduce Consumption By 14 Percent Annually. On the heels of California Governor Jerry Brown’s statewide water restriction policy to reduce consumption by 25 percent, WaterSignal announces service expansions to California to assist properties included in the mandate: universities and commercial properties among others to reduce their water consumption by 14 percent. […]

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