Ten Ways to Save Water This Fourth of July

water saving tips

The Fourth of July is almost here! While you prepare for the holiday, save water and money with these ten water saving tips: 1.) Buy recycled paper products: Products made from 100 percent recycled paper require much less water in their manufacturing than those made from virgin paper. 2.) Let your grass grow: Instead of mowing your lawn […]

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WaterSignal Promotes Chad Habegger to Assistant Director of Sales

chad habegger

ATLANTA – WaterSignal, a green technology company focused on water conservation, is pleased to announce the promotion of Chad Habegger to Assistant Director of Sales. His primary responsibilities will be to assist in the management of the WaterSignal sales department and training of new sales staff. “Chad has gone above and beyond as a National […]

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How Much Water is Your Irrigation System Wasting?

irrigation system management

More than two trillion gallons of water are still lost every year, and a significant portion of this loss comes from undetected leaks caused by irrigation systems. Common signs of an undiscovered leak include a surprising increase in water usage – even though water use routines haven’t changed – and an equal increase in water […]

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Detect Leaks and Analyze Water Consumption with WaterSignal

water leak alert

Detect Leaks and Analyze Water Consumption with WaterSignal Did you know it will cost an estimated $1 trillion over the next 25 years to upgrade the nation’s water system to run more efficiently? While part of the problem is fragile, hundred-year-old water mains, it also falls on property owners to ensure they are doing their […]

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