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Smart Water Management Services in Atlanta, GA

You want to track your water use in your home or business, but you’re not sure how. You could check your water meter, but you would need to check it frequently and perform calculations on any data it provides if you want to understand your water use. WaterSignal offers a smart water management solution to homes and businesses in Atlanta, GA, that does the work for you.

Smart Water Management Technology

The WaterSignal monitor allows you to keep track of water use in real-time and provides you with easily understandable information so that you can perform quick analysis and see spikes in your water usage. Moreover, you don’t have to visit the monitor itself to view this information — you can access our live dashboard from your mobile devices to view the information at any time in any place.

Our monitor can help you see patterns in your building’s water usage so that you can make changes accordingly. It can help you determine behaviors and habits that are wasting water and driving up your bill. Long-term data can help you see what time of year you use the most water so that you can adjust your other expenses to accommodate for this increased water usage.

The WaterSignal monitor determines a standard for normal water usage on your property, and this allows it to perform leak detection, as it alerts you whenever the water usage is outside the normal range.

The best part is that the WaterSignal monitor doesn’t require any kind of excavation or digging to install. This smart water management system is non-invasive and attaches directly to your water meter, where it collects its data. The data is transferred offsite to a data center, where you can then access it through an internet-connected device.

If you would like to learn more about our smart water management system, contact us today by filling out our contact form.