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WaterSignal is pleased to announce a few updates to the WaterSignal dashboard!

These new features are a result of customer feedback, and our commitment to provide a seamless user experience for property managers in all industries.

watersignal product updatesWater Reporting by 15 Minute Increments

Property managers can now break down water usage into 15 minute increments for an additional $5 per month per device. This new feature offers an in-depth look at your water data, providing the user with a better understanding of their building’s water allocation.

Chart and Monthly Calendar Report (MCR) Enhancements

Charts and the WaterSignal MCR will now include daily temperature and relative humidity for your convenience (click examples to enlarge in new tab).

watersignal product updates

watersignal product update

Excess Usage Identification on Charts

Usage exceeding the alert level will now turn red for easy identification of water waste. (example below).

product update

Thank you for your continued support of WaterSignal. If you have questions about the updates, or would like to submit feedback, please send us a message at save@watersignal.local.

WaterSignal is a green technology company focused on water conservation. WaterSignal measures water flow in real time to detect leaks and monitor domestic meters, irrigation systems, and cooling towers for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools and colleges. WaterSignal is located in Alpharetta, GA, and currently has operations in 23 states. Follow us on Twitter @watersignal