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In a water usage analysis of 30 multifamily properties in Atlanta, WaterSignal was shown to save a combined 3,886,712 gallons in the first 13 months after installation. Using the regional cost per thousand gallon water rate, the financial savings is more than $50,000. Water Savings


“We conducted the study to demonstrate the power of our technology and the impact it can make on our water resources,” states Sean Rayborn, vice president of WaterSignal. “While the properties varied in size and occupancy, they each struggled with rising water bills despite their best conservation efforts.


“Through the hour-by-hour usage data our system provides, we were able to pinpoint usage problems and underground leaks that were undetected before. Through our monthly monitoring, each is now realizing savings through a much improved conservation program. That’s what the power of data can provide.”


While a national study of WaterSignal’s 700 installed meters has not been performed, Rayborn estimates, using the multifamily study as a basis, WaterSignal has helped save more than 30 million gallons of water in the first month of installation for its customers.


“And the total will be even more throughout the life of the system,” Rayborn adds. “In less than a month, the cost of the system pays for itself with the savings our customers receives.”


About WaterSignal


Utilizing breakthrough technology, WaterSignal is a self-contained, non-intrusive monitor that continuously reads the water meter and sends real time data wirelessly to a website portal to view the property’s water consumption by the month, day or even down to the hour.


If a major leak occurs, much like an energy surge popping a circuit breaker, the device immediately alerts the manager or engineer that a water spike above the preset limit has occurred. The alert can be sent to both a computer and a smartphone for the manager to act upon, and can be customized for business hours as well as after hours and weekends.


While the WaterSignal monitoring system can help reduce the catastrophic costs associated with undetected leaks, the data the system collects plays a vital role in the building manager’s water conservation efforts.


WaterSignal is a green technology company focused on water conservation. WaterSignal measures water flow in real time to detect leaks and conserve water. WaterSignal can monitor domestic meters, irrigation systems and cooling towers for commercial, multifamily, medical and educational properties. WaterSignal is located in Alpharetta, GA with operations in ten states. Visit, call 877-704-0980 or follow on Twitter @WaterSignal.