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In the midst of extreme drought and rising water rates, WaterSignal – a water conservation technology company – announces the installation of nine systems on Bank of America Plaza, a 55-story high rise building in Atlanta, GA. Towering at an impressive 1,023 ft., Bank of America Plaza is the 10th tallest building in the United States and the tallest building in Georgia.

bankofamericaplaza-atlanta“When people think of water conservation in the non-residential sector, many believe that it only relates to large properties with several buildings, pools and landscapes,” says David Taylor, senior vice president, WaterSignal. “However, in large commercial buildings – especially ones reaching 55 stories and 1,000 feet in height – a comparable amount of water can be used and lost by its tenants.”

As part of its water audit for the high-rise, WaterSignal reviewed water bills over the past year to detect trends and then surveyed each floor, checking for leaks, antiquated equipment and other signs of water inefficiency. After analysis of its findings, WaterSignal placed its water monitoring system in nine locations in order to provide property management with a complete view of their building’s usage.

“Our system, which reads water flow at each main line meter, wirelessly transmits data to the building operations director in real time. Through our analysis of this building and others like them with similar occupancy, we calculated the average water consumption the building should strive towards, which will save both water and money (approximately 14 percent).”

“We also worked with the director to set a highest limit of water use. Anytime consumption goes beyond that limit, the director receives a SMS instant alert, which may indicate a leak that requires immediate attention. Further, we recommended a variety of water saving programs, such as irrigation systems, bathroom fixtures and tenant communication.”

With 260 systems installed in 2015, collectively, WaterSignal has over 1,000 systems installed in 20 states.

WaterSignal is a green technology company focused on water conservation. WaterSignal measures water flow in real time to detect leaks and monitor irrigation systems and cooling towers for commercial, multifamily, medical and educational properties. WaterSignal is located in Alpharetta, GA with operations in 20 states. Visit, call 844-232-6100 or follow on Twitter @WaterSignal.