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WaterSignal introduces the first wireless monitoring device that measures water flow in real-time to detect leaks and conserve water for commercial and multifamily properties.



Every year in the US, undetected leaks cost property owners millions of gallons of water; translating to millions more in related costs. With water rates rising in nearly every city (almost $30/1000 gals in Atlanta, GA), underground leaks, irrigation leaks, and catastrophic pipe bursts are draining budgets all across the country; it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the first time, immediate detection of water spikes related to leaks can be communicated to a manager for quick action, saving property owners thousands of dollars.

WaterSignal: A Breakthrough

Most maintenance supervisors routinely read their water meters. If a leak were to occur after the read, after hours, or over the weekend, no one would know of the excessive usage spike until the next read: resulting in thousands of gallons lost. If a maintenance supervisor fails to routinely read the water meters, leaks could go unseen until an excessively large water bill is received 30-90 days later.

WaterSignal’s breakthrough technology features a self-contained, non-intrusive device that listens to the pulse of a water meter in real-time. Through this process, data is collected and sent wirelessly to a secure web portal where managers and owners can view a property’s water consumption for the entire month, day or even hour. Easy to read charts and graphs provide a quick, comparative view of gallons used, allowing the user to pinpoint any day or hour that had excessive usage.

“How can you manage what you don’t measure?” says John Lie-Nielsen, president of WaterSignal.

“Using the data we collect, we can pinpoint if irrigation system usage is excessive, or if it runs during a rain storm due to faulty sensors.”

When the WaterSignal device detects consumption exceeding the hourly/daily preset limit, property staff is instantly notified via SMS text and/or email. If a building has more than one meter being monitored, the manager can easily determine which meter has excessive consumption in order to isolate the problem for faster repair.

“We ask people, ‘How can water put money back into your budget'” says Lie-Nielsen.
“Through a quick analysis of how much water they use before WaterSignal and how much they’ll save afterward, the question is quickly answered.”

For a FREE water bill analysis, email save@watersignal.local or call 877-704-0980 today!