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Car Wash Water SavingWashing your car regularly is an important part of general maintenance, but doing so at home can result in significant water waste. Believe it or not, it is actually more eco-friendly to wash your vehicle at a commercial car wash thanks to the enactment of water conservation standards. Washing your vehicle at a self-service car wash can also be a good way of controlling how much water you use. Using high pressure, low volume sprayers, the self-service car wash can help to save water, and provides a better alternative to washing your vehicle at home.

If you enjoy washing your car at home, do so on the lawn when possible. The lawn provides a place for the water to be soaked up, stopping the dirty water from entering the stormwater system. Using a hose with a trigger will also help to conserve water as it only allows water out when required. When finished, always remember to shut the water off to decrease the likelihood of water waste.

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