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Improving your facility’s efficiency is only possible if you can compare your current data with historical data. That’s where facility benchmarking comes in.

Facility benchmarking is a foundational process for establishing a standard by which facility metrics are evaluated and measured. It’s a critical step in maximizing the efficiency of your business resources. Although the data gleaned from a facility benchmarking effort can help companies save money and manage their resources more effectively, initiating the process can feel daunting if you’ve never done it before.

Are you a facility manager who is looking for a way to simplify the facility benchmarking process? While benchmarking can be applied to many different kinds of resources, analyzing your facility’s water usage by installing a water meter data management system is an excellent place to start. Devices such as WaterSignal allow you to monitor your facility’s water usage and maintain meticulous records over time — all while keeping your staff aware of leaks right as they occur.

If you’re trying to benchmark your facility’s water use without a water meter data management system, the best way to start is by collecting the last 12-24 months worth of facility water bills. Using this data, you can calculate your facility’s total metered and unmetered water usage per year. You will also want to investigate the areas within the property that expend the most water (such as restrooms or the irrigation system).

Although facility benchmarking can require a bit of upfront work, the money-saving results are well worth the effort. Plus, WaterSignal’s user-friendly system dashboard makes it easy to evaluate the progress and success of facility-wide water conservation measures over time.

Contact WaterSignal today to learn more about how a water meter data management can simplify your company’s facility benchmarking efforts and cut down on needless water waste across all of your properties.