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In an effort to prepare for future droughts and climate change, California state legislators recently approved the implementation of permanent water-consumption goals. As of January 2019, property owners will be expected to limit indoor water use to a per-person total of 55 gallons per day.

“While this new policy may seem like just another hurdle for property owners to overcome, there’s a silver lining” says Aaron Beasley, Vice President of WaterSignal. “In addition to rebates and incentive programs offered by the state and local water providers, property owners can use this opportunity to implement sustainable practices, and save money with the help of real-time monitoring.”

Through a non-invasive device, WaterSignal reads water flow in real-time and wirelessly sends the data to an easy to use dashboard. From there property owners are able to monitor usage, compare against other buildings and even analyze consumption by hour. The WaterSignal system also features customizable alerts in the event of a leak or anomaly.

“Taking water management one step further, we also provide thorough water audits that pinpoint inefficiencies, and offer best practices and products to reduce consumption” says Beasley. Ensure mandate compliance, make the most of your budget, and find peace of mind with WaterSignal’s smart water technology.

About WaterSignal:

WaterSignal is a recognized innovator in water conservation due to its real time water monitoring and leak detection system. Leveraging over two decades of engineering expertise, WaterSignal monitors domestic meters, irrigation systems, and cooling towers for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools and colleges. WaterSignal’s intelligent, non-invasive device accurately measures water usage and reports the data in real time to a secure dashboard. While dramatically reducing water costs and footprint, WaterSignal saves valuable time and provides unique insight on our most precious resource, water.

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