Letter to WaterSignal: Quarterly Water Woes

letter to watersignal

The following is a letter we received regarding the issues a property manager faces every quarter. Dear WaterSignal, My name is Richard and I am a real estate investor/multifamily property manager. Every quarter, I cringe when the water/sewer bills arrive to my office. As I open each water bill I hold my breath in anticipation, […]

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WaterSignal System Helps Reduce Water Consumption By 14% Annually


With water rates rising in nearly every city (almost $30/1000 gals in Atlanta, GA), underground leaks, irrigation leaks, and catastrophic pipe bursts are draining budgets all across the country. Every year in the US, undetected leaks cost property owners millions of gallons of water; translating to millions more in related costs. According to The American Society of Civil […]

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