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The following is a letter we received regarding the issues a property manager faces every quarter.

Dear WaterSignal,Man writing on the paper in the office

My name is Richard and I am a real estate investor/multifamily property manager. Every quarter, I cringe when the water/sewer bills arrive to my office.

As I open each water bill I hold my breath in anticipation, wondering which building will have an unnoticed water leak this time. As a property manager, there is absolutely nothing worse than receiving a water/sewer bill that is four times the normal amount with no explanation as to why.

After receiving these high water bills, I head straight to my multifamily property to investigate the issue. Nine times out of ten it is discovered that a toilet has been constantly running due to a faulty flapper; wasting up to 200 gallons per hour over the span of three months. Since tenants either don’t understand or just don’t care about water, I am rarely made aware of these seemingly small issues.

I am emailing you today because I’m in need of a system that will immediately alert me to unusual water usage, as well as provide me with real time consumption data so I know what to expect when the quarterly bill comes in.

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you,


Every year in the US, undetected leaks cost property owners like Richard millions of gallons of water; translating to millions more in related costs. With WaterSignal, immediate detection of water spikes related to leaks can be communicated to a manager for quick action.

WaterSignal’s breakthrough technology features a self-contained, non-intrusive device that listens to the pulse of a water meter in real-time. Through this process, data is collected and sent wirelessly to a secure web portal where managers and owners can view a property’s water consumption for the entire month, day or even hour. Easy to read charts and graphs provide a quick, comparative view of gallons used, allowing the user to pinpoint any day or hour that had excessive usage.

When the WaterSignal device detects consumption exceeding the hourly/daily preset limit, property staff is instantly notified via SMS text and/or email. If a property has more than one meter being monitored, the manager can easily determine which meter has excessive consumption in order to isolate the problem for faster repair.

In our experience, simply using WaterSignal’s breakthrough technology to monitor water usage will conserve 14% on average each year. For best results, it takes a serious commitment to save water but in doing so, your green conservation program can put you in the black.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

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