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Plumbing system integrity is not something that we often think about. And although plumbing systems are highly prone to inefficiencies and leaks, the famous proverb “out of sight, out of mind” often holds water. Protect your investment, the environment and your budget with these in-building water conservation tips:


• Install low flow fixtures and consider metered valve, self-closing, infrared and ultrasonic sensor fixtures.

• Keep toilets and urinals in good working order by periodically inspecting and replacing valves that malfunction. A stuck valve can leak 200 gallons an hour!

• Adjust flush valve to use less water.

• Train cleaning crews to spot potential problems.

• Post notices to encourage building occupants to promptly report water problems.


• Inspect cooling tower for leaks and malfunctioning valves on a regular basis.

• Install real time flow meters on make-up and bleed-off lines.

• Read meters regularly and keep a log of make-up and bleed-off quantities.

General Building Maintenance & Quick Fixes

• Check water pressure on each building. Excessive pressure (more than 80 psi) can increase leaks.

• Inspect your buildings, walking them weekly to identify leaks and potential problem areas.

• Inspect all units for leaks quarterly while doing preventive maintenance.

• Keep accurate reports on your inspection to note changes that may indicate a potential problem.

• Educate residents and employees on your conservation plan, what they can do to help and what to do if they spot a problem.

Water Conservation in Real Time

Thanks to breakthroughs in green technology, building owners now can implement water conservation programs that not only replace inefficient equipment to reduce consumption, but also continuously measure water flow to immediately alert them of leaks.

WaterSignal, a self-contained, non-intrusive device that measures water flow in real time, turns water pulses into gallons, then sends the data wirelessly to a secure web portal. There, building owners and managers can review valuable insights and break down consumption by month, day and hour for easy viewing.

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