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Water is the hot-button issue of the 21st century. Suddenly, after decades of viewing water as an almost infinite resource, Americans are beginning to see how truly elusive and immeasurable future water resources are.

Luckily, there are smart water conservation solutions out there — starting with WaterSignal, a device that keeps track of how much water is used in a building in real time. This innovative system helps improve water efficiency in commercial buildings, multifamily and residential complexes, colleges, schools, senior living facilities, and hospitals and other medical establishments.

Using WaterSignal, commercial building owners and managers have achieved a 14 percent savings in Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago — reducing water usage from 57 million gallons to 49 million gallons over the space of a single year. This is the result of being able to monitor water usage in real time, thanks to WaterSignal’s instant information retrieval and distribution system.

After the initial install, WaterSignal customers learn quickly how much the monitoring system benefits outweigh its cost.

“Working with WaterSignal has been an eye opening experience,” explains Pete Myles, Energy Program Manager of the Lake County School Board. “We always knew we had water losses but had no idea the extent. Thanks to WaterSignal’s real time technology, we saved over $170,000 in the first six months!”

But there is a value that goes beyond cost. The value is peace of mind, knowing that thousands of gallons aren’t going to waste. WaterSignal does this by providing SMS text and email to inform building managers within minutes of a loss, leak, or unexpectedly high usage.

Prospective users of WaterSignal can rely on the system’s value points, including:

● Specific data points that help managers boost water efficiency in real time

● LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification

● Simplified facility benchmarking

● Eligibility for sanitary sewer credits

● Superior technology and reporting capabilities

● Better conservation practices

Ultimately, WaterSignal’s device offers proven savings on a building’s water use, and an astonishing average payback period of 90 days. Contact us today to learn more.