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More than two trillion gallons of water are still lost every year and a significant portion of this water waste comes from undetected leaks and inefficient irrigation practices. Common signs of an undiscovered leak can include a surprising increase in water usage – even though water use routines haven’t changed – and an equal increase in water costs. You may also notice intervals of low water pressure or alligatored pavement. To reduce irrigation system water waste, property owners and managers should:

● Water less often but longer. This encourages deeper plant roots and increases soil moisture, albeit at deeper levels.

● Use native or indigenous plants, and xeriscaping, to create a landscape that is both beautiful and less water intensive.

● Install sensors to shut off irrigation systems if it starts raining.

● Modify sprinkler patterns to match the lawn, garden, or decorative shrubs, and eliminate watering the driveway, parking, or pavement.

● Raise sprinkler heads that are blocked by shrubs or other foliage.

● Use water calculators to determine how much water you use for irrigation on your property, as well as how much it costs.

● Install WaterSignal to monitor leaks and usage in real time.

WaterSignal offers users an easy-to-use and remotely accessible centralized dashboard of current water consumption across all locations, no matter how geographically separate. Additionally, WaterSignal’s Monthly Calendar Report (MCR) highlights a property’s domestic and irrigation usage in a calendar format, and provides users with updates noting the type of loss/leak at the top of each day/date. By taking advantage of WaterSignal’s unique hourly and daily alert levels, owners and managers won’t be blindsided by enormous water bills. This is doubly important in areas where water meters are often estimated and actually read only every few months or so.

Contact us today to learn how to WaterSignal can reduce water waste and conserve water.