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Services provided by a water meter data management system like WaterSignal are critical for property management teams that seek to save not only money, but also precious natural resources. Let’s take a moment to walk through how a water meter data management system works, from installation to leak detection.


These devices are installed non-invasively alongside a building’s water meter. To transfer data from the meter location to a secure online data center, WaterSignal utilizes a Verizon Wireless certified CDMA modem. The device is also powered completely by built-in 7V lithium batteries, which means there is no need for an alternate power source. The device is then manually calibrated upon installation to ensure all data is accurate.

Real time data collection

Similar to how a doctor uses a stethoscope to measure your heart rate, a water meter data management system like WaterSignal is capable of measuring water flow by sensing the pulse of the water’s movement through the meter.

Data storage and reporting

One of the advantages of a water meter data management system are the many features accessible by computer or smartphone. For example, with the WaterSignal dashboard, you have easy access to your property’s hourly, daily, and monthly water usage data, as well as historical data. Water data is broken down into metrics like average gallons per day, estimated cost per year, and estimated cost per square foot or unit per year. Having this kind of information can assist with facility benchmarking efforts, as well as illustrate the efficiency of water use best practices.

Leak detection alerts

In addition to providing you with an overview of your property’s water consumption, water meter data management systems can notify you of leaks the moment they occur. That means you will never be surprised by outrageous water bills, and when there is a critical issue, you can remedy the situation in a timely manner to save money and water.

Contact WaterSignal today to learn more about how how a water meter data management system works to detect leaks and conserve water in your facility.