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At WaterSignal, we offer water management solutions that are designed to fit facilities of any size or application. Regardless of the service tier you choose, a water meter monitoring device like WaterSignal can help you keep an eye on your facility’s water usage. Learn more about what’s included in our services:

System installation and calibration

WaterSignal is installed alongside your facility’s water meter and is manually calibrated for accuracy. Cooling Tower and Engineered customers are offered complimentary installation and calibration of their WaterSignal technology. Value customers are provided with a self-installation kit, but can opt for WaterSignal installation and calibration at an additional cost.

Centralized dashboard

Managers can login to a centralized WaterSignal dashboard to view current water consumption levels across all facilities. All data is collected continuously from the water meter in real time and uploaded to our secure data center. This valuable information is accessible 24 hours a day through any internet-enabled device so you can monitor water analysis reports and provide a baseline for water conservation efforts.

Email/SMS alerts

Leaks and other instances of excessive water usage are bound to happen at some point — the key is to catch these events before they wreak havoc on your monthly water bill. Because WaterSignal monitors the pulse of your pipes at all times, the system will immediately alert you via email and SMS text if a leak occurs. The alert provides information on the water meter affected, how much water is being lost, and a link to relevant charts. Even if it’s not a catastrophic rupture, a slow leak in your system can result in serious money lost over several months.

System analyses, assessments, and recommendations

For customers signed onto our Cooling Tower and Engineered service tiers, we offer comprehensive analyses and assessments of water pressure, irrigation systems, cooling towers, and water bills to ensure you are meeting your facility-wide goals. We can also offer recommendations for enhancing facility water conservation and locating and repairing leaks.

Depending on your meter type and size, pricing may vary, so contact WaterSignal today to learn more about our services and get a detailed quote.