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ncpaWaterSignal, a green technology company focused on water conservation is pleased to announce strategic partnerships with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) and The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS).

As a proud partner of NCPA and TIPS, WaterSignal is permitted to provide water metering, smart monitoring and related services to a wide range of entities including state and government agencies, school districts, universities and non-profit organizations.

“The partnerships with NCPA and TIPS provide WaterSignal with an exciting and rewarding opportunity”, says Aaron Beasley, Vice President of Sales, WaterSignal. “With these renowned cooperatives now behind us, we’re ready and excited to start saving water for more communities across the country.”

About NCPA

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) utilizes state of the art procurement resources and solutions that result in cooperative purchasing contracts that ensure all public agencies are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices. For more information, visit the NCPA website.

About TIPS

The Interlocal Purchasing System, better known as, TIPS Purchasing Cooperative, began in 2002 as a small regional cooperative of the Region 8 Education Service Center. While the cooperative has far exceeded the initial vision, Region 8 ESC has maintained its role as the Lead Agency for what is now a national operation. For more information, visit the TIPS website.

About WaterSignal

WaterSignal is a recognized innovator in water conservation due to its real time water monitoring and leak detection system. Leveraging over two decades of engineering expertise, WaterSignal monitors domestic meters, irrigation systems, and cooling towers for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools and colleges. WaterSignal’s intelligent, non-invasive device accurately measures water usage and reports the data in real time to a secure dashboard. While dramatically reducing water costs and footprint, WaterSignal saves valuable time and provides unique insight on our most precious resource, water.

To learn more about our smart water management system, contact us today.