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With summer nearly upon us, many of us are anticipating the season of backyard barbecues, longer days, and warmer nights; not to mention, the pool parties on those extra hot days. Not surprisingly, pools require regular upkeep and maintenance to stay clean and prevent water waste. According to the Maui County Department of Water Supply, the average swimming pool naturally loses about 1,000 gallons a month to evaporation. Another problem arises from the number of leaks that pools often develop from cracks in their foundations, pipe damage, natural disasters, and liner tears.

Without the precautionary measures, having a swimming pool can easily become the largest energy user found in your home. That is why going green will help you reduce water waste, save on energy, and contribute to a cleaner environment. Here are 3 eco-friendly tips to help keep your swimming pool in control and keep the environment green.

Check for leaks

According to reports from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2017, there are over 240,000 water main breaks in the United States every year. An easy way to help measure the amount of water loss in your pool is to add a mark at the water line and check it within 24 hours for major changes. To catch leaks the moment they occur, consider installing a smart water meter monitoring device. Real time leak alerts and remote monitoring offer peace of mind and can save you money through benchmarking and conservation best practices.

Keep it covered

Do you find yourself only using your pool during the summer season? If so, be sure to keep it covered throughout the remainder of the year. This will help prevent water loss due to evaporation, so you won’t have to continuously pump gallons of water into it. Additionally, using a pool cover during the active seasons will keep the pool clean and reduce the cost of maintenance.

If you plan to convert your chlorinated pool into an eco-friendly water source, there are other choices to consider such as saltwater pools and natural swimming pools, known as “living water.” This is a great option because they mimic the local ecology that requires little maintenance and no chemicals in the water.

Invest in solar heaters

Imagine the thought of swimming all night without having to worry about the electricity bill rising. One of the newest eco-friendly ways to reduce energy waste is to invest in solar heaters. The water is pumped through the filter and passes the solar collectors to heat before it returns to its full cycle. This will keep your pool running efficiently all year long while enjoying the luxury of a swimming pool. Not only will this make your pool eco-friendly, it will save you money for the years to come.

Keep in mind, these three tips are just the beginning of going green with your swimming pool. Further advice includes the replacement of traditional filtration with ecological stones to help clean the pool naturally as well as turning off the lights and cleaning systems when not in use. Hopefully, these green concepts will help you gain the confidence you need to make your outdoor swimming pool an eco-friendly oasis.

Written by Jess Walter, edited by Caleb LaPointe