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Mark your calendars for the EPA’s Fix-a-Leak Week, March 18th through the 24th. Celebrated in March of each year, Fix-a-Leak Week encourages every day Americans to play a role in decreasing water waste by checking fixtures and making water conscious decisions.

Did you know? Leaks contribute to over 1 trillion gallons of water lost in the US every year. Yikes!

Join us in our quest to hunt down the drips and start saving with these 9 leak detection tips:

1.) Test your water pressure

Excessive pressure (more than 80 psi) can increase the chance of leaks.

2.) Check basement crawl spaces for hidden leaks

Even small basement leaks can cause devastating structural damage.

3.) If you have a swimming pool, monitor the water line as it is notorious for leaks

Not only will you save on water, you’ll save on chemicals too!

4.) Tour your building(s) for leaks quarterly while performing preventative maintenance

Be sure to also check laundry rooms for leaks, as well as hose bibs for drips.

5.) Keep an eye out for wet spots and alligatored pavement

These are common signs of an underground leak.

6.) Inspect your irrigation system frequently

Repairing broken heads, leaks and exposed lines can save a considerable amount of water and money.

7.) Replace outdated fixtures

Replace old, inefficient fixtures with EPA WaterSense approved fixtures to maximize conservation and performance.

8.) For larger properties, perform a daily tour through vacant units

Check for running fixtures or toilets.

9.) Install a water monitoring system

In addition to providing remote access to your real time water analytics, water monitoring systems like WaterSignal will notify you of leaks the moment they occur.

For more information about Fix-a-Leak Week, upcoming events and conservation best practices, click here.