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Education professionals and students have a unique opportunity to educate water users and empower them to conserve both in schools, and throughout the community. Whether you’re a staff member or student, here are a few suggestions for promoting water conservation:


As the main point of contact for our youth, teachers play a vital role in ensuring the future of clean water. Through various water-conservation related projects and activities, teachers can make conservation fun and help establish good habits early on. Teachers can also promote water conservation in schools and universities by promptly reporting leaks or other forms of water waste to maintenance staff.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance staff is directly involved with facility infrastructure, putting them in the best position to spot plumbing issues. In addition to responding to reports of water leaks, maintenance staff can:

– Thoroughly inspect the grounds for hidden water waste by performing a property water survey

– Set irrigation schedules based on seasonal requirements and install rain sensors to prevent watering when raining

– Optimize cooling tower cycles of concentration

– Implement a smart water monitoring system that detects leaks and provides real time analytics


Due to their large numbers, students are able to make a significant impact on water conservation both within the school and throughout the community. In addition to offering an extra set of eyes for spotting water waste, students can serve as ambassadors for conservation by sharing what they learn with their families and social groups.

Water Conservation in Schools and Universities Made Easy

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