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On May 27th, 2015, WaterSignal installed a device to monitor the main domestic water line on 1050 and 1060 Brickell Avenue in Miami.

1060 Brickell is an elegant two tower development featuring 576 contemporary condos in the heart of Brickell, Miami, FL.


At 3:00pm on August 10th, WaterSignal detected that water usage had exceeded the alert level by 7,500 gallons.

Prior to the installation of WaterSignal less than two weeks earlier, 1060 Brickell Avenue had been experiencing unexplained water bill increases but had no way to monitor and analyze water use.


When the WaterSignal device detected consumption exceeding the hourly/daily preset limit, the Building Engineer and Operations Manager were instantly notified via SMS text and email.

Management was able to track the excessive usage to the make-up water line on the cooling tower. The make-up line had experienced a catastrophic leak, allowing water to continuously flow into the parking garage.


WaterSignal provided building managers with comparable water data, allowing them to see the complete picture of gallons used as well as their cooling tower performance.

Had the leak remained undetected, the property would have paid an additional $19,000/week (Based on local water/sewer rate of $11.37/1000 gallons).

After the installation of WaterSignal’s real time water monitoring, the following
findings were evident:

  • Real time water monitoring provided instant access to hourly data trends 

  • WaterSignal’s 24/7 leak alerts quickly discovered the leak and alerted property management via SMS and email 

  • A cooling tower leak was discovered and repaired 

  • Savings of $19,000/week 

How Much Can WaterSignal Save You?